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Monday: August 15, 2011

I am proud that I personally designed this website myself. Although my husband and brother helped with the coding,  most of it was haxored by me, and therefore please do not expect perfection. If you happen to notice any glitches, please toss them my way. That said, I would like to thank the following artists/websites for their freely given images. Without them, the design of this website would have been extremely poor. Trust me :/

Font: Olduvai by Aquatoad (Triple-Double thanks, Randy!!)

Header and footer: Torn Paper by TriCornDesign

Focus on tabs: Prehistoric Brushes and Version 2 by FoxFireRed

Human skeletons: Brushes through

World map: Brushes by gutterlily10

Ammonites, mesopithecus, and skull: Paleontology brushes by ValerianaSTOCK

Footprints: Brushes by chain

Arrows: Brushes by cesstrelle

I have tried to contact each of them to show my appreciation. You guys rock!

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One remark!

  1. Good Job so far…Keep going. Ruth

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