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Sunday: August 14, 2011

I begin this journal shortly passed my 30th birthday and shortly before I uproot my life and attend graduate school. School begins at the end of the month and I will be staying with my gracious mother-in-law during the week, while visiting my husband, my cats, and my home two hours away on the weekends across a timespan of one and a half years.

Let me start with a short history:
In high school, I hated school – it was boring. I decided to start my college career as early as my junior year so that I could get through it and get on with life. My first full year of college was declared as general studies, at IUS. My second full year, at PUC, led me into computer programming. I loved it, but could not see myself working in that environment. I took two years off with the promise that if I could not determine my passion, I would finish college with a fine arts degree. Two years came and I enrolled at IUN with that intention. But then I took an elective class, an anthropology course on human origins, and the rest is history.

Working full time through school delayed my graduation date, but I also had a craving for learning more. When all was said and done, I ended up with a bachelor degree in sociology (anthropology track), an associate degree in anthropology, in French, and in fine arts (photography focus), and minors in anthropology and in art history.

Then I needed a break and gave myself at least two years off before pursuing graduate studies. Amid the third year off, this year, I learned of a new anthropology master’s program at UIndy and went there to check it out with the idea that maybe I would go next year. Instead, they offered me enrollment for this fall and accordingly, I did my part with the GRE and other enrollment processes. The official acceptance letter came, and I left my position in the banking industry after ten years with some slight misgivings.

I look forward to opening this door to my future and plan to keep a record of my classes and anthropologically awesome adventures in graduate school.


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6 remarks!

  1. Rebecca I am so proud of you. I hope nothing but the best for you. I know you are going to do so good. Keep in touch – I love your web page, you did a great job on it! Don’t worry about Boy and Chris, we will keep our eyes on them.

  2. Thank you! :)

  3. Keep going Girl…Do not quit…The bank will miss you – but, so will we.
    Your future is more important. Live your dream.
    Will be looking forward to your next report in your learning
    process. .
    Good Luck … we learn from your experiences and letters.
    Your next door neighbor Ruth

  4. Thank you! I will keep you guys informed:)

  5. Proud of you in so many ways….miss you and boy….would love to see any pic of you digs if that is possable …? could fine them on your web sight …yet…:)

  6. I do have plenty of photos to add, but no time to organize them yet. Soon enough!

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