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Class Notes: Geoarchaeology

Tuesday: November 1, 2011

Week 7: Intergrating and Interpreting Data


Monday’s lecture has been moved to later in the semester. Instead, we walked through how to turn our data collected with the total station into a contour map using Surfer 9. Then we had class discussion over the readings – chapter 17 from the book and I presented with others on three articles (see the Library for bibliographic information):

  • Darwin Would Be Proud: Bioturbation, Dynamic Denudation, and the Power of Theory in Science
  • Geoarchaeology and the Mid-Holocene Landscape History of the Greater Southeast
  • A Geomorphological Approach to Reconstructing Archaeological Settlement Patterns Based on Surficial Artifact Distribution: Replacing Humans on the Landscape


Wednesday was a lab day, which was optional if you could find time outside of class to create the contour map, which I most certainly did. Check it:

I made it in pretty orange colors, and chose the Kriging option. The green dots represent all the points where we held the stadia rod. The Smith Mall would be below this image, the library would be above it The rectangular pattern traces the sidewalk edge of the landscaping. Esch Hall is to the left and Martin Hall is at the bottom right. [Basically, in the photos from last week’s post, I was standing just about where it is labeled 102 on the bottom right, just next to 107, looking toward the bottom left corner.]

UIndy contour map

University of Indianapolis campus contour map generated from data collected by a total station and processed in Surfer 9.

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One remark!

  1. Good job…you sure must know where the points are. Keep going. I am lost though.

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