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Class Notes: Geoarchaeology

Tuesday: November 1, 2011

Week 8: Hydrological Systems


Fall break, woot!


Class discussion resumed as usual. We talked about chapters 4 and 5 then I presented on these three articles (see the Library for bibliographic information):

  • Electromagnetic Conductivity Mapping for Site Prediction in Meandering River Floodplains
  • Geoarchaeology in Alluvial Landscapes
  • Archaeological Sediments in Dryland Alluvial Environments

I suppose I ought to clarify here – it is easier for me to state that I present on all three articles but really it is only two of the three. I just do not have my notes handy usually when I have time to post here and I do not recall which articles I presented versus the undergrad. I read them all each week and write an essay critiquing each one, so they kind of blur together. Just sayin.

We also looked at some stratigraphic photos and used what we learned to identify what was going on in the image. Soil horizons and episodes of deposition and so on. Then we covered what would be expected on our upcoming test. It is never a good sign when the test is essay questions, with a time limit, and open book and notes. Oh, and open internet. Say what?! It put the fear in us.

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One remark!

  1. oops…an essay question test…You will again excel. No worry.

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