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Funny Story

Wednesday: November 9, 2011

It is apparent that I am a non-traditional student. 30 year olds can only pass for just-out-of-high-school college kids in bad movies. I am ok with that: I bring a lot of life wisdom and experience with me but it is certainly awesome when I surprise people with my age. Several of my undergrads were (are?) in denial.

The other older grad student, Andy, called me out on it. Being non-traditional himself, he had to know my age. He guessed first and filled me with cheer at the ripe young age of 26. [Most of the undergrads put me at 25 or less.]

That being said, my geoarchaeology teacher is young, and I had determined he was young enough to be my brother. One day, while having class outside working with the total station, I heard Andy refer to our teacher’s birth year. Imagine my surprise when it was made known to me that we were born in the same year.

I only let a few minutes pass before I had the nerve to ask. I mean, egads, what if I was OLDER than my teacher, right? Right?! I had to know.

“So, when is your birthday anyway?” I asked nonchalantly.

“August 11” came the reply.

Needless to say I was stunned and calmy replied “Really? That’s mine…”

So, ok, I may not be older than my teacher (dare I ask if he was born in the morning or evening??), but it has been something, I tell you, getting my head to wrap around the idea that I am as old as my teacher. I am totally use to people with grey or greying hair, or at the very least, born in a different decade for Pete’s sake.

Brightside: He is the first person I’ve ever met who shares my birthday. In celebration, here is a sketch I whipped out for osteo class way back when I still felt young.

Sketch of a skull

Human skull sketch for a Human Osteology lab worksheet identifying synapsids.

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One remark!

  1. Good artwork. look at all those teeth! I wish I had that many.
    You were brave to ask the teacher his age. Never admit that you
    may be older by a few minutes. You are doing good. Keep it up

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