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Technology Woes

Monday: January 16, 2012

Over break, I had intended on catching up on all my class notes to start this semester off right. I had a bit of an issue with that though – my computer.

About mid-semester, I ran an update for the OS but silly me did not have it plugged into a power source and it shut down mid-update (Never. Ever. Do. That. ! ) While my computer worked well enough for homework assignments, bits of it were messy. My email client was all confused on sending and drafts and read items; my usb would charge my iPod but not recognize it; etc.

Boy suggested the best way to fix it would be to reinstall the OS fresh and start over, and so over break when I finally got around to it, I made a back up to my trusty time machine and formatted my hard drive. Everything was good, except that ten minutes later when I went to recover my back up, my external back up hard drive FAILED. My entire computer life history gone to the technological purgatory. I believe most normal people would freak out but I am married to Boy, super genius of computers! No problem too tough, no data loss too big! It was a close one, but all my data is back as it should be, yay! …

At least, that’s how I would like the story to go. He spent hours trying to recover my back up drive, then ditched that idea in favor of trying to recover my original drive. These things take humongous amounts of time and school starting soon meant that for now I got a fresh new drive as he still haxors away on the old stuff when he has time.

It is looking good though, so I will maintain my ever optimistic view that I did not lose the last 15 years of computer bits, photos, and whatnot to the evil gods of disk failures.

Before all that, I did manage to whip out some Human Osteology class notes, so I backlogged them all. If interested, check out the older posts.

And my second semester begins tomorrow. My class load includes: Dental Anthropology, Eastern North American Archaeology, and Molecular Anthropology. I will also be attending the undergraduate Monkeys, Apes, and Humans class since it is a possibility that I will have the opportunity to teach it before I graduate (it is also possible that I fill a TA position for it this semester, but I am not sure yet).

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