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Cash in my pockets

Thursday: March 8, 2012

Delightful trivia: I am still alive and well, in case you are wondering.

Also, I found out yesterday that my TA position is a paid position! So today I filled out all the paperwork and shall actually have an “income” again. Minimum wage at 7 hours a week, but hey, that’s just about enough to pay my weekly gas bill so I’ll take it!

My TA position involves grading stacks of papers. Stacks of papers without names or staples or legible handwriting or right answers or turned in on time or picked up on time. I have learned a lot from this: I really was an upstanding undergraduate. Who knew?

Stack of lab assignments to grade.

A lot has happened, is happening, and will happen. Sometimes I ask myself, “Who’s idea was this anyway?” and sometimes I wouldn’t do it any other way, and most of the time my brain is too overwhelmed to process anything but the direct task in front of me. I’ll share when free time comes ’round again.

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2 remarks!

  1. sounds good to me. I wondered what had happened to you. When you get money – you do not have time for the un -knowledgeable
    Characters. As long as you are doing so well – I will forgive you for not trying to enlarge my brain. Keep up the good work. Be easy on the beginners. It is hard to compare with you. Ruth

  2. Be careful, I will be enlarging brains shortly when summer comes:)

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