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photographic legacy

Friday: March 1, 2013

My image will now be public for probably years. Eep. Our anthropology homepage has just been updated, to include not one, but two photos of me! Apparently I signed a waiver, because no one asked. For shame. I am digging with Anne under Field Opportunities opposite of some of my undergrad buds, and I am with the WLCP opposite of Laura under Lab & Research Opportunities. I attended a retirement party today for my boss back at the bank (for 10 years – a good third of my life). That in itself, and speaking to a bunch of old colleagues about how my time at UIndy is just about over kind of made me melancholic. It’s been a good run, and I hope that the momentum keeps going forward, even if I cannot see the path just yet. I think having a photo legacy on UIndy’s anthro page is, therefore, somewhat cool.

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