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Cranial exercise

Monday: April 29, 2013

One of the things I learned vicariously through my time here at UIndy is that I am not a distance runner in terms of projects. You know, some people can run super fast but only for a short amount of time, while others can pace themselves and run literally for hours on end? I think the same is true for research projects. Some people are great at writing a 5 page paper and dread the thought of a 10 pager while others can knock out 30 but have a hard time condensing it for an abstract. Still, others I would consider pole vaulters – they can say exactly the right thing and fit all the important information onto a poster. Each one is important, and kudos to those who have figured out how to be a tri-athlete.

I find myself to be the sprinter – the in-betweener. I think 10 pages is about my limit for comfort – after that I get lost in my own writing, and I had trouble shortening my text for the AAPA poster. I also have a tendency to work really hard for hours and when that chunk of time is over, I never want to touch it again. This is illustrated with my day so far: I woke up, I’ve been writing a paper and reading sources all day, and I have not procrastinated once until now to write this post (I have had to force myself to take a break long enough to make food, but I still ate at the computer). It is suppose to be a minimum of 10 pages, due Wednesday, and I have only about 7 pages. Yet, if I stop now, I will not want to look at it again tomorrow nor the next day. I know this about me, so I must keep on keeping on.

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