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Archaeological Survey

Thursday: May 9, 2013

I have begun contacting people for a county-wide archaeological survey. The first step is to meet with people in public positions that would be willing to write letters of support in order to obtain a grant to fund the project. Tomorrow, we will meet with the county historian and one of the council members. Between meetings, I have also scheduled with a few landowners to give Dr. M an idea of the type of land forms we have down there. They mostly include friends and family, but there is also a 200 acre plot that I am excited to see because the owners know a little about its past.

I will leave you with a photo from the skyline of one of the areas we hope to investigate. I chose this photo for its perspective, because in others without something in the foreground, it is really hard to appreciate.

Boy and I after my friends' wedding, early 2000s.

Boy and I after my friends’ wedding, early 2000s.

That’s all I really have to add today. I am working on my thesis to get it finished before the required field school in Kentucky. It is at a village, which according to my prof, “is a gem. It is one of the most significant Fort Ancient sites in Kentucky and continues to provide a wealth of data pertaining to Fort Ancient peoples. It is an honor and a privilege to be permitted access to this amazing site!” I am excited! It is part of Matt’s dissertation research, and I met him last year at Sapelo. He works with ground penetrating radar (GPR), so we will be excavating some anomalies that have showed up in his previous studies. Although the village has a fairly large cemetery uncovered in earlier projects, that is not our focus – we are interested in the layout of the village itself.

I will have a week off after that, then I will hopefully go to Sapelo Island again. Right now, the only things that will stop me is if my thesis doesn’t get completed before mid-June, or if I am burnt out from Kentucky. If the latter is the case, I am not a very good archaeologist!

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