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Tuesday: October 8, 2013

My friend passed this twitter link to me, and it really sounds too good to be true. I have been wanting to go to Africa forever, but the airfare is ridiculous. And toss in the fact that I would be doing anthropology, and further – with Lee Berger’s crew? Seriously. I will not qualify compared to Ph.D.’s and the like, but no harm in applying right? Besides, I sat next to him at the AAPA’s and he’s just a normal dude, like any of my own teachers. Right?

Well, so, I may not be a professional group here, but here is the ad:

Dear Colleagues – I need the help of the whole community and for you to reach out to as many related professional groups as possible. We need perhaps three or four individuals with excellent archaeological/palaeontological and excavation skills for a short term project that may kick off as early as November 1st 2013 and last the month if all logistics go as planned. The catch is this – the person must be skinny and preferably small. They must not be claustrophobic, they must be fit, they should have some caving experience, climbing experience would be a bonus. They must be willing to work in cramped quarters, have a good attitude and be a team player. Given the highly specialized, and perhaps rare nature of what I am looking for, I would be willing to look at an experienced Ph.D. student or a very well trained Masters student, even though the more experience the better (PH.D.’s and senior scientists most welcome). No age limit here either. I do not think we will have much money available for pay – but we will cover flights, accommodation (though much will be field accom., food and of course there will be guaranteed collaboration further up the road). Anyone interested please contact me directly on copied to my assistant . My deadlines on this are extremely tight so as far as anyone can spread the word, among professional groups.
Many thanks

2 remarks!

  1. Good luck.

  2. Thanks, but it’s a no-go for me. So many people more educated had applied! Maybe next round…

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