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Going on an adventure

Friday: April 3, 2015

I’m going on an adventure. Since I have not yet embarked on it, I will categorize it as an adventure of my dreams (for there does exist a slight resignation that it may end up quite the opposite…) :

  • Free!
  • Extended stay!
  • Foreign culture!
  • Adventure-y activities!

The way my brother sells it, it sure does sound amazing. In a set of unfortunate events, he needs some replacement gear and long story short, it honestly makes more sense to fly me down there pronto, gear in hand.

How could I say no, right?

This trip will include a short stay in a city I’ve already fallen in love with: Lima, Peru. Then we journey north to one of a few areas: Tarapoto, Yurimaguas, or Pucallpa. It will depend on the complete travel arrangements, because either by boat or by plane (since those are the only options), we will end in Iquitos.

Who doesn’t want to float across the river systems in the Amazon? Who doesn’t want to venture to a city inaccessible by road? Who wouldn’t want to stay deep in the heart of the jungle and tour it’s amazing ecosystem?

It is an anthropological dream.

So, next week, I leave for 20 days. Most of my old vaccines are still valid, but I need typhoid again (and for whatever reason the nurse failed to give me the third Hep A last time, so I still need that booster). My malaria pills were picked up today. Between my archaeology stuff and Boy’s survival gear, I have everything I need already.

Somehow, while I am gone, I will need to tackle teaching online and taking a teaching online class. Oi.

I will leave out all of my inhibitions until the next time I post about the excursion. No need to freak you out about the thieving; the tarantulas falling on your face; the boats being plugged with chicken feathers; the e. coli, salmonella, and malaria; or the backpacks being lost to the piranhas, electric eels, alligators, and anacondas that I’ve read about. No need at all…*cough*.

Seriously, though – could you have passed up this adventure? No matter what happens, I know it will be another experience of a lifetime. I mean, it’s nothing a hobbit couldn’t do. (And let me just take this moment to once again be positive about not having a set and stable job at the moment so as to allow me this chance!)

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3 remarks!

  1. You can talk into it and wow sounds like you are in for some fun wonder they just taught me a new thing to do on this thing sure is easier name punch in all of them but so I will be thinking of you because I’m going to Texas in two weeks and I’m all excited about that but I don’t know about them tarantulas and all that I hope they got them in Texas I was going toagain I’m going to Texas I’m going to have some fun but they’re going to take us around stopped again sometime but they’re going to take us around quite a few dates and cities before we get to San Antonio but they have a big festival down there so I’m kind a looking forward to that but I think that alligators to but I don’t want to encounter themwell I love you back and have a lot of fun give Danny a hug for me okay bye love you grandma

  2. Oh, I wouldn’t like to see tarantulas out there either, gramma!

  3. […] I owe some detailed posts about my Peru trip, but alas, those are delayed as the HPF grant I was applying for was awarded! I went into the field […]

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