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On another adventure!

Friday: June 5, 2015

So, I owe some detailed posts about my Peru trip, but alas, those are delayed as the HPF grant I was applying for was awarded! I went into the field on May 26th and won’t return until July 18th, or possibly longer depending on how it goes. I had hoped I would have time to address some random items like this blog and my teaching grant in the evenings or weekends, but a project of this scale is new to me and I am busy all day every day! This girl needs a break.

I am learning a lot – about the so-called “red tape” of governmental funds (we weren’t notified until the weekend before field school started), about the technical processes of archaeology (such as sharpening my drawing skills), about organizing archaeological projects (and managing an array of contacts which keeps me glued to my phone and email, yuck), and about managing personnel of all personalities (some of which are more difficult than others). There have been plenty of stressful moments (like not having logistics worked out with the landowners prior to arriving), but nothing is as great as being in the field! (That said, this year I have already been gone a week to Sapelo and three to Peru, so this venture already has me a bit homesick to start. Pity.)

My favorite moments have been drawing site maps and being given the go-ahead to spend the time to make them awesome (though they turn out far from it, unfortunately) and climbing up and down the knobstone terrain looking for flat areas and rock shelters. Does anything in the world beat hiking all day in the woods with a scientific purpose? I think not.

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