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Mexico City to Oaxaca City

Thursday: May 19, 2016

My brother is still traveling the world, and since I have had a “Year of Hell” to quote an episode title of ST: Voyager (a series I’ve been watching lately), I decided to award myself a trip to visit him.

On Monday, I fly into Mexico City for a few nights as we see some archaeological sites around town, then we backpack south to Oaxaca City where I fly back on June 5th. On the way, more sites and cool villages will be visited. It is a speedy two-week journey and I wish there was more time to stay a while longer but alas, my summer is short and I have so much I wanted to do before a possible “Year of Hell, Part 2” occurs (I don’t think Round 2 will be that bad, but still, one never knows!).

I am also concerned about the Zika virus issue. I’m taking precautions to not be bit – permethrin and mosquito net is on order – but then to also try not to be bit for three weeks here upon my return to protect people in my local area? Here? In mosquito haven? I’ll do what I can, including asking the landscapers to spray, which I am normally opposed to. (Disclaimer: the landscapers are my brother-in-law’s company; I am not that fancy. And, Sidebar: I don’t like chemicals that can affect wildlife like bees and other pollinators so I usually am strongly against spraying).

Aside from the seriousness of Zika, my second most unappealing thought for the trip is: What will I eat? I don’t process spice well and my brother tells me “Good luck!”. Hmmm.

[Ha! “Process”? I guess 7 of 9’s vocabulary has assimilated my own…]

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