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DBNF Update #1

Sunday: May 20, 2018

Not much to say here, other than I created a public outreach flyer for the annual Mountain Mushroom Festival. It was simple, asking for local input about the project. I did get to render Fitchburg Furnace into an artsy little image though. See a blurry rendering here (I apologize for the blur; it isn’t meant to be seen this large and I am unsure how to overwrite my CSS “code”):

I hope to render all the furnaces involved in the project the same way. To what end, I am not sure, yet! I had hoped to go to the festival, too, but it wasn’t in the cards. If I was already going to be gone all summer, I didn’t want to skip out yet another weekend. Especially when I will be closer to DBNF during my summer project.

What’s that, you say? I haven’t mentioned my summer project yet? Stay tuned!

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