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My greatest journey

Saturday: December 8, 2018

I am going to Africa on June 30th, 2019.

Planning is currently ongoing but it may look a little like this: Here to Portugal, to Mozambique, to Swaziland, to Lesotho, to South Africa, to Namibia, to Botswana, to Zimbabwe, to Zambia, to Tanzania. Ideally also to Madagascar, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Egypt, and Morocco, but safety and time constraints apply so we’ve nixed those. In fact, I might not be able to get all the way to Tanzania but I am sure as heck trying to make that work!

Life goals possibly fitting into this trip are seeing: 1) amazing animals in the wild including the Big 5 and gorillas; 2) archaeology sites like Great Zimbabwe and human evolution sites like Sterkfontein, Kroomdrai, Rising Star, Laetoli, and Olduvai Gorge; 3) breathtaking nature like the Kalahari Desert, Victoria Falls, Serengeti Plain, and Mount Kilimanjaro; and 4) the numerous diverse and unique cultures from traditional tribes to Portuguese/Dutch/French/British colonial histories.

Thank you, dearly departed gramma and grampa, for always having National Geographics laying around!

Stay tuned.

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5 remarks!

  1. I do believe your brother has rubbed off on you… SO happy for you…Please be careful and return safely to tell us all about your you so much..

  2. Actually I am the one who convinced him to add Africa – I’ve been saving for it since before he began planning his trip! :D

  3. Going with your brother on that trip

  4. Yes, I’ve convinced him.

  5. […] Africa trip is mostly planned, at least as far as general ideas. I haven’t purchased the return trip just […]

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