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Rebecca discovered anthropology late in her undergraduate college career, but knew immediately it was her field of choice. She also enjoys prehistoric art history, French, reading, video games, and crafting. As an undergrad, she focused on human paleontology (as much as the small program would allow). In 2007, she attended a Mizzou field school in Lima, Peru learning bioarchaeology. This is the direction her master’s studies took and before setting off to pursue a PhD, she will dabble in various anthropology related jobs. Meanwhile, she wanted to keep a record of these things for her own personal use, but chose a website format because she is a proponent of transparency. It is easy for people to visualize themselves in roles they see in others. Rebecca did not really have a mentor for college, nor fieldschool, nor grad school, and certainly not for archaeology or teaching. It would have been nice to see how these things are done, so here is a small offering of what it is like, through and through, to do something with anthropology.

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