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Bibliotheca: Books to study

Below are books used in class, and also other materials which I find helpful for studying anthropology. I’ve listed the ISBN numbers where possible for ease of reference and to omit bibliographic clutter since some books will be listed more than once.

GRE and Essay Preparation:
978-0886852122 Practicing to Take the GRE General Test, 10th edition
978-0967759401 The Ultimate Math Refresher for the GRE, GMAT, and SAT
978-0965242288 Vocabulary Cartoons
978-0965242264 Vocabulary Cartoons II
978-1580080422 Graduate Admissions Essays

2007 Bioarchaeology in Lima, Peru Field School texts (Paloma and Armatambo data sets):
978-0521658348 Bioarchaeology: Interpreting Behavior from the Human Skeleton
978-1563490750 Standards for Data Collection from Human Skeletal Remains
978-0120884674 The Human Bone Manual
978-0813030821 Ancient Health: Skeletal Indicators of Agricultural and Economic Intensification
978-0125480314, 978-0125480307, & 978-0123736437  Encyclopedia of Archaeology (Geographic Overviews, The Americas (South)/Early South American Villages by Robert A. Benfer)
Early Villages in the Western Hemisphere by Robert A. Benfer
The Preceramic Period Site of Paloma, Peru: Bioindications of Improving Adaption to Sedentism by Robert A. Benfer
Faunal Remains from Paloma, an Archaic Site in Peru by Elizabeth J. Reitz
Life in the Late Intermediate Period at Armatambo, Peru by Keith C. Chan

Geoarchaeology class:
978-0632060443 Practical and Theoretical Geoarchaeology
From 978-0874807035: Archaeological Sediments in Cultural Environments by Julie K. Stein
Socializing Geoarchaeology: Insights from Bourdieu’s Theory of Practice Applied to Neolithic and Bronze Age Crete by Simon Jusseret
From978-0874807035: Archaeological Sediments in Coastal Environments by Lisa E. Wells
From 978-0306462795: Microfacies Analysis Assisting Archaeological Stratigraphy by Marie-Agnes Courty
From 978-1881094067: Discontinuity in the Stratigraphic Record: Snapshots from Franchthi Cave by William R. Farrand
From ISSN 0002-7316: Chronology and Stratigraphy at Dust Cave, Alabama by Sarah C. Sherwood
From 978-0306462795: Use and Analysis of Soil by Archaeologists and Geoscientists: A North American Perspective by Rolfe E. Mandel & E. Arthur Bettis III
Soil Micromorphological Evidence of Early Agriculture in North-west Europe by R. I. Macphail, M. A. Courty, & A. Gebhardt
From 978-1560981114: Alluvial Pedology and Geoarchaeological Research by C. Reid Ferring
From 978-0306462795: Current Practices in Archaeogeophysics: Magnetics, Resistivity, Conductivity, and Ground-Penetrating Radar by Kenneth Kvamme
Situating Remote Sensing in Anthropological Archaeology by Victor D. ThompsonPhilip J. Arnold III, Thomas J. Pluckhahn, and Amber M. Vanderwarker
Palaeotopography: The Use of GIS Software with Data Derived from Resistivity Surveys and Stratigraphic Profiles to Reconstruct Sites and Past Terrains by Otis Crandell and Angelica Bălos
Raw Material Utilization in Carroll County, Indiana: A Small-Scale Analysis of Diachronic Patterns in the Usage of Attica, Kenneth, and Wyandotte Cherts by Christopher Moore
From 978-0306462795: Sourcing Lithic Artifacts by Instrumental Analysis by Normal Herz
Macroscopic and Microscopic Analysis of Chert. A Proposal for Standardisation of Methodology and Terminology by Otis Norman Crandell
Darwin Would Be Proud: Bioturbation, Dynamic Denudation, and the Power of Theory in Science by D. L. Johnson
From 978-0813018553: Geoarchaeology and the Mid-Holocene Landscape History of the Greater Southeast by Joseph Schuldenrein
From 978-0306462795: A Geomorphological Approach to Reconstructing Archaeological Settlement Patterns Based on Surficial Artifact Distribution: Replacing Humans on the Landscape by Lisa Wells
Electromagnetic Conductivity Mapping for Site Prediction in Meandering River Floodplains by Lawrence B. Conyers, Eileen G. Ernenwein, Michael Grealy, and Kelsey M. Lowe
From 978-0306462795: Geoarchaeology in Alluvial Landscapes by C. Reid Ferring
From 978-0874806915: Archaeological Sediments in Dryland Alluvial Environments by Gary Huckleberry
From 978-0816517701: Chapter 4: Eolian Environments: Sediment Erosion, Transport, and Deposition / Sand Dunes / Loess and Dust / Stone Pavements / Eolian Erosion / Volcanic Ash (Tephra)
From  978-0813724768: Sand Dune Morphodynamics and Prehistoric Human Occupation in NW Ireland by Jasper Knight and Helene Burningham
Geoarchaeology of Dissected Loess Uplands in Western Illinois by Julieann van Nest

Bioarchaeology class:
978-0521658348 Bioarchaeology: Interpreting Behavior from the Human Skeleton
978-0813030821 Ancient Health: Skeletal Indicators of Agricultural and Economic Intensification
978-0471793724 Biological Anthropology of the Human Skeleton
978-0-881040951 Human Variation in the Americas: The Integration of Archaeology and Biological Anthropology
978-0521836029 The Bioarchaeology of Children: Perspectives from Biological and Forensic Anthropology

Human Osteology class:
978-0123741349 Human Osteology
978-1563490750 Standards for Data Collection from Human Skeletal Remains
978-0125286282 Identification of Pathological Conditions in Human Skeletal Remains

Human Anatomy:
978-0895828088 An Illustrated Atlas of the Skeletal Muscles

Hyperspace: Links to check out

These are links which I have found useful from time to time. If you have a suggestion, please let me know!


Anthropology at Indiana University Northwest <– Where I received my undergraduate education
Anthropology at University of Missouri, Columbia <– Through which I attended a field school in Lima, Peru
      Dr. Benfer’s site at Mizzou <– Director of the field school
      Comics, Games, Anthropology! <– Assistant of the field school
      Buena Vista Archaeological Project <– Field school site
Anthropology at University of Notre Dame <– Through which I volunteered on an archaeological field school
      Dr. Schurr’s site at ND <– Director of the field school
      Collier Lodge Project <– Field school site
      Kankakee Valley Historical Society <– Partners of the field school
Anthropology at University of Indianapolis <– Where I am currently seeking a master of science degree in bioarchaeology

Social: <– Professional networking site for all academics, allowing research to quickly be dessiminated
      UIndy’s Academia <– The department of UIndy on the network

Professional: <– List of jobs and field schools

Personal Anthropology:

John Hawks weblog <– Great blog for keeping updated in anthropology science news
Bones Don’t Lie <– Current news in mortuary and bioarchaeology
Powered by Osteons <–Archaeology, bioanthropology, and classics
These Bones of Mine <– Great articles mostly centered on human osteology and archaeology


Wikipedia <– One of the best things to happen to the internet, just check your sources
JSTOR <– Awesome library of online articles
PLoS ONE <– Another library of online articles

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