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Sketch: Mandible

Thursday: May 3, 2012

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This is my second sketch so far. It is a little distorted anteriorly-posteriorly, but good effort on my part. Bones are hard to draw! I also cringe at the thought when I will begin drawing teeth. Shadows are much easier for me to create than highlights, and the enamel can be quite reflective! Plus, there is calculus, staining, cavities, chips, wear, etc. – all of which will test my meager skill. Here, I just kind of sketched the outlines.

A sketch of a human mandible

The mandible is the bone of the lower jaw. In Homo sapiens, a mental eminence is present (fancy word for “chin”). The mandible articulates with the skull at the condyle, and chewing muscles attach at the coronoid process. The alveolar margin is the “gum” of the jaw bone – it is where you’ll find all the tooth sockets. The corner of a jaw is known as the gonial angle. This angle connects the main body of the jaw to the ascending ramus. The mental and mandibular foramina are there for nerves and such. Like I mentioned for the frontal bone, a lot more could be said, but I try to keep these sketch entries neat and tidy.

A sketch of a human mandible, with annotations

One of the things I did this semester was sit in on Molly’s Human Anatomy class during the muscle portion. It was a couple weeks long and really zapped my free time, but I came away with a much better understanding of the things I was taught in osteology. My program does not require a human anatomy class before taking osteology, but it sure would have been nice to have that under my belt. It may be something to consider, if you are planning on going into skeletal studies. Even just picking up a muscle book will greatly aid you (I bought An Illustrated Atlas of the Skeletal Muscles – check my library for reference).

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