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Thursday: September 20, 2012

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Oi. This semester has been too trying. I did some cost-benefit analyses and weighed several options:

  • Quitting grad school
  • Leaving Comparative Osteology and the archaeology project with Dr. M
  • Getting piss-poor grades
  • Dropping Medical Anthropology

Quitting grad school: Just not an option. I like everything about it (well, mostly). Trouble is, I have too much of everything.

Leaving my volunteered positions: I find them practically useful and that would only free up six hours a week – not nearly enough to be a true benefit.

Poor grades: That was a joke – I am an all or nothing kind of girl. If this were possible for me, without the anxiety that it induces, I would have settled on this option.

Instead, I chose to have a difficult conversation with my advisor and Medical Anthropology professor about dropping the class. It is not required, and I will still have enough credits to graduate. The conversation was difficult on my end, for emotional reasons. The faculty recognized that I am human and supported my decision, even if it was not one they wished to see happen. Should I find the time, I can still sit in on the class, which is great. The only reason it came down to Medical is because it was the one thing that gave back the most time.

Now I can get back on track for my scanning job and my thesis work. Now I can have an hour or two during the week to chill out and reset my stress. Now I feel I can continue on, and not idly think of that first option listed.

Oh, and the exterminator came and thus far no roaches. Cross your fingers!

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