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Saturday: February 9, 2019

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Just a catch up on the latest news around these parts.

I submitted the final draft version for the historic iron furnace tour guide as part of the Daniel Boone National Forest project I mentioned earlier. Shutdown notwithstanding, I think it will be publicly available sometime soon.

I’ve helped edit a couple publications so those should be forthcoming in the next year or two, if not out already (a recent one just came out in the belated Indiana Archaeology).

My Africa trip is mostly planned, at least as far as general ideas. I haven’t purchased the return trip just yet, but it looks like I’ll be gone for two months, and flying out of Tanzania. Super excited, but I haven’t let it become a distraction just yet, though I have looked into learning a little Swahili to check that off my bucket list.

I do have some cat updates, so since it is a little science-y, I’ll share them here. Maya is often dehydrated due to her nasopharyngeal stenosis and increasing age (she’s almost 14). We are now trained with an at-home IV kit to give her fluids when needed. Meanwhile, Sasha has been acting unusual in many ways, but most notably in refusing to jump or even stretch up to greet me hello. She most likely has sacroiliac arthritis, poor thing (she’s 11 and a half). However, with the other unusual observations, the vet did a blood test which came back to show she has hyperthyroidism. This is not terrible news, and we caught it super early based on her other numbers, but it isn’t something to write off either. She either has to be given a pill twice a day for life, or turned into a radioactive cat for a one-time curative (expensive with hospitalization) treatment if her kidneys can handle it. She starts the meds today, and a recheck in a few weeks will tell us more. Just call me a cat nurse!

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